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Our Story

NamesPlus was created on the idea of personal service and giving you control over the process.

Who we are!

I got married in January 2017 and my wife took my family name. At the time, like most men, I knew nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, about changing a name but my wife said those magic words: If only there was someone to help me.

This is me at my wedding back in 2017

I cannot refuse a challenge and the seeds for NamesPlus was born.

I have a background in business and started to apply my business skills. But, for changing a name we are not working with business people, we are working with people, with brides, with divorcees and with anyone and everyone who wants to change their name.

I had to change my thinking and after a couple of attempts, I developed the NamesPlus Kit for the 2020s as technology is constantly developing and the way to change your name reflects the changes in technology. Personalising the kit came next but it is the 7-Day Blitz that gets us going!

What we believe

Changing a name after marriage is one of the most beautiful signs of love, devotion and commitment. And we believe it is really, really sexy! Unfortunately, the process of changing a name is far from sexy.

I created NamesPlus to help remove the stress, remove time-consuming research and add a touch of simplicity.

Changing a name after divorce requires a different approach. Many women, when they are ready, may decide to change their name and revert to their maiden name or even create a new name. When you are ready, we are there to guide you through the process.

And to all the people who are changing their names for personal reasons, whether a new beginning, fit with your gender identity or just want a new name, all our products are suitable for you.

Look out for our transgender name change kit which we are currently working on.

Finally, we believe that there is beauty in simplicity and currently, there is no simplicity or beauty in the process for changing a name. We are looking to change that!

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