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NamesPlus provides you with 3 different options to change your name. A Kit for the 2020s, Personalised Plan or our new service, the 7-Day Blitz!

Changing your name means updating your world. There is a long list of government departments and other organisations in your world and they all want to know about your name change and they all need to be told their way.

New passport; new driver’s licence; banks; credit cards; superannuation fund; tax office; insurances; medical. And then social media, email addresses and other service providers.

Where to start, who to tell, what information to provide, how to provide the information, are all questions that NamesPlus can answer for you.

Our Services

NamesPlus provides 3 types of services to meet your needs:

1  NamesPlus Kit for the 2020s (coming soon)

Technology continues to change and now there are more ways to notify companies about your new name.

The Kit will give you a step-by-step approach to changing your name with links to websites, instructions on how to apply, access to forms and what evidence you require.

2  Personalised Plan

Don’t want to work your way through the NamesPlus Kit? Want to make it easier? Or need help to start the process? Then a Personalised Plan is for you.

The difference between a Personalised Plan and the Kit is our time to understand your needs, prepare for you your personalised checklist and make sure you have everything you need and nothing that you don’t need.

3  The 7-Day Blitz

This is our newest package. It includes 4 online contact hours and the goal is that you submit all applications to change your name within 7 days.

This idea was based on our own personal experience: when you have a job to do that you need to do, then blitz it!

This package is designed for the busy person who wants to get things done now.

If you are ready to commit, then so will we.

Personalised Plan

  • You will receive:
    • Checklist to update your world
    • All the relevant research
    • Answers to your questions
    • Plan for you to action

7-Day Blitz

  • You will receive:
    • 4 hours of contact time over 7 days
    • We plan based on your needs
    • There is still work to do outside contact time
    • We finalise your new name

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know where to start? How do I change my name??

Take a deep breath, pour yourself a generous glass of wine and start at the beginning.

The NamesPlus Kit will give you almost all the information you need. But if that is not quite right for you, then talk to us about a Personalised Plan.

And if you want to blitz it and get your new name as quickly as possible, then the 7-Day Blitz is definitely for you.

How do I get a copy of my marriage certificate?

If your wedding is registered in Australia, then you will need to apply to the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages in the State that you were married.

I am transgender and want to change my name. Is there a transgender name change kit for me?

There will be. We are currently working on it.

Please send us an email ( to register for a copy.

How do I change my name with Medicare?

You have choices: 1. either phone Medicare (132 011) and have a copy of your marriage certificate with you; 2. send a letter with a certified copy of your marriage certificate (Services Australia, Medicare Enrolment Services, PO Box 7856, Canberra BC ACT 2610); or 3. email them ( with “Update Personal Details” in the subject line) and attach a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Or, if easier, you can attend a Medicare Service Centre.

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