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Divorced and time to
change the family name

We live in a society that celebrates weddings but provides little support for the 49,000 marriages each year that do not survive.

The decision about changing a name after divorce is quite clear: it’s different for every woman. Each woman has their own story, has their own situation and own thoughts about the situation. There is no right or wrong answer.

But when you know it is time to move on, then NamesPlus can help.


To change a name after divorce, you will need some evidence, or proof of your divorce. This is sometimes referred to as official proof of divorce or a divorce certificate or divorce record (issued by the Federal Circuit Courts or the Family Courts), or if you are reverting to your maiden name, then a birth certificate maybe sufficient.

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We like the quote from New York family lawyer, Casey Greenway:

The name you keep, shed, or reclaim is yours. When you are deciding about what to call yourself, a name is not your parents’ or your ex-spouse’s. Do you like the look and sound of it? Do you like the meaning it suggests to you? You’re going to wear this name or rid yourself of it, so decide how it feels to you.

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